SMR No.: WI023-009----

Monument Type: Church

Situated at the S end of the quadrangular extension attached to the S of the main graveyard. St Kevin’s Church is the only stone-roofed building to survive at Glendalough and it incorporates a croft between the barrel-vaulted ceiling and the roof. It was probably built in the eleventh or twelfth century and was originally a small rectangular single-celled church with a miniature round tower belfry. A later chancel and sacristy were added to the east. The roof of the oratory is steeply pitched and corbelled while the outside of the roof stones are roughly dressed to the slope. The only access to the belfry was through the croft which in turn was accessed through a small square hole in the vault. The belfry was at one stage likened to a chimney and so the church became known as St Kevin's Kitchen.The existence of a wooden floor is indicated by beam-holes on all the walls at the springing of the arch. This room was lit by a small square-headed window. The foundations of the chancel are visible but the stone-roofed sacristy at the NE angle of the church still stands. 

As this building was roofed a large number of crosses, cross-slabs and architectural fragments came to be housed in it; all but a handful of these have now been transferred to the Visitor Centre.  One rectangular slab carved with a framed cross bears the inscription OR DO BRESAL 'A prayer for Bresal' and was originally found at Reefert Church further up the valley.








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