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Reg. No.: 41304037

Monument Type: Cross - High cross

Standing in the Diamond in Clones, this cross is made up of at least three fragments consisting of head of one cross and shaft of another, a stepped stone base and a later fragment on top. This is not surprising as Clones was an important medieval religious settlement dedicated to St Tigernach (see his tomb shrine in the medieval churchyard) that would have had a number of crosses on its boundary and within its domain. This cross belongs to a northern group of crosses, another example of which is located in Arboe, Co. Tyrone. As with many Irish high crosses it is difficult to date, especially as it is made up of various fragments, but some of its fragments may date to the ninth or tenth centuries, the main period of construction of high crosses. The iconography follows the pattern found elsewhere: the shaft depicts 'Daniel in the Lions' Den', 'The Sacrifice of Isaac', 'Adam and Eve with the Tree of Life’, 'The Adoration of the Magi', 'The Wedding at Cana' and 'The Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes'. Beaded decoration runs up sides of the two faces and also around distinctive collar at top of the shaft. The head of cross includes a Crucifixion scene while at the centre of south-west of head is another depiction of 'Daniel in the Lions' Den', with 'Cain slaying Abel' to left and possibly 'Pilate washing his hands' to right.

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