SMR No.: OF005-018----

Monument Type: Cross - High cross

One of Ireland's finest surviving decorated ringed crosses, the shaft and ringed head were carved from one piece of sandstone . The cross, 13 feet (4m) high, stood to the west of the cathedral probably facing the doorway of the main church. Its surface is divided into panels with figured scenes. The Crucfixion, the Last Judgement and Christ in the Tomb are biblical scenes and the lowest scene on the east face of the shaft shows an ecclesiastic and a king driving a pole into the ground. This has been variously interpreted but may represent Abbot Colmán and Flann Sinna, king of Ireland (d. 917) who erected both this cross and the church now known as the Cathedral. The badly damaged inscriptions on the east and west faces at the foot of the shaft appear to mention both King Flann and Colmán who caused the cross to be made.

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