Monument Type: Incised linear Latin cross slab

Incised Linear Latin cross slab originally located at the inside of the Cathedral at the main cemetery site of Glendalough, now on display at the Visitor Centre. An early medieval date, with small Latin cross with expanded T-bar terminals and two inscriptions, one of which may read OROIT DO DIARMAITT 'A prayer for Diarmait'.


Cross slab 2, Glendalough	Perspective view of cross slab 2, Glendalough Perspective view of textured cross slab 2, Glendalough	Photograph of cross slab 2, Glendalough



3D Model 1

3D Model 2

3D Model 3

GLEN SLAB2 3DTEXTLINKDownload textured 3D Model

File size: 13MB
File Format: 3D PDF


Technical Details

3D Capture Method: Close range Scanning

3D Capture Description: The Artec EVA scanner is used to generate high resolution models of surfaces with small scale detail. The Artec EVA uses structured light to record. A forensics tent is used to create a controlled lighting environment and ensure measurement can proceed regardless of the weather when used outdoors. Scanning is undertaken with the fastest speed setting (15 frames per second) and with a minimum 400 mm depth of field. The data is recorded with sufficient overlap between scans to ensure easy registration.

  • Resolution 0.5 mm
  • Accuracy 0.1 mm
  • Accuracy over distance 0.03% over 100 cm
  • Texture Resolution 1.3 mp
  • Colours 24 bpp
  • Light Source flash bulb (no laser)
  • Video frame rate 16 fps Exposure time 0.0002 s

Post-processing is done in Artec Studio 9 software: individual scans are edited, aligned, before a final surface is generated using global registration, fusion, and a small objects filter algorithm. If required, a textured surface can also be created. The model is exported from Artec Studio 9 as an .obj file. For dissemination purposes a 3D pdf of the model is generated using Geomagic Studio 2012.

Data Processing Software: Artec Studio 9 & Geomagic Studio

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