SMR No.: DG011-035004-

Monument Type: Cross-slab

The Carndonagh complex (National Monument number 271) is the site of one of the main early ecclesiastical centres in Donegal. It consists of a modern graveyard (DG011-035007-) surrounding the 18th century Church of Ireland church. To the S of this doorway and lying against the church wall is a small carved stone (DG011-035003-) 1.22m long × 0.24m high and 0.25m thick. On the face of this is a central wheeled cross, three or four figures on the left and interlacing on the right. It is, presumably, a lintel from an earlier church (DG011-035001-). In the SE area of the graveyard is the well-known 'Marigold Stone' (DG011-035004-). This is 1.68m high, .42m N-S and 0.23m thick. The E face of this slab is dominated by a Greek cross with expanding terminals. On the cross is a figure with outstretched arms. The head of the figure rises above the main dimensions of the slab but is accommodated by a slight mound-like rise in the top of the slab at this point. The frame of the cross turns into a twisted rope-pattern stern beneath the cross and ends in an interlaced knot. On either side of this stem is a crude human figure with a key-pattern cross on their clothing. Beneath these figures is a Greek interlaced cross. Above the right arm of the cross and beneath the feet of the figure is a small Latin cross. At the base of the slab and partially hidden in the ground is what appears to be a key pattern. The top of the W face is dominated by a 'marigold' or 'seven-rayed star, inside a circle' motif. There are pellets within each of the triangular 'leaves' or 'rays' and two concentric circles at the centre. Small circles occupy the four spaces between the circle and the slab frame. The circle is supported by a key-pattern stem at the centre of which is a small cross. This stem ends in two adjoining loops. On either side of the stem is a human figure, each holding a staff or crozier. Beneath the figures is a quatrefoil design interlaced with a circle, forming a Maltese cross in sunken relief. Beneath this and again partially buried in the ground is a key pattern. There is an interlace design on the N edge and a key pattern design on the S edge.

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