Skellig Monastery INTROnewSMR No.: KE104A001039-

Monument Type: Monastery

The Monastery consists of an inner stone enclosure with two oratories, a mortared church, seven cells (five of which are intact) and the remains of a beehive toilet, water cisterns, a cemetery, leachta (possible cult shrines or pilgrim stations), crosses and cross-slabs. It also includes two large terraces referred to as the Upper and Lower Monks’ Gardens. High retaining walls support all the terracing, upon which everything is constructed.

SKELLIG MICHAEL, CO. KERRY: THE MONASTERY AND SOUTH PEAK, Archaeological stratigraphic report: excavations 1986–2010 Edward Bourke, Alan R. Hayden, Ann Lynch


Plan of Monastery 3D Model, Skellig Michael

Perspective view 1 of Monastery 3D Model, Skellig Michael Perspective view 2 of Monastery 3D Model, Skellig Michael Perspective view 3 of Monastery 3D Model, Skellig Michael


3D Model 1

3D Model 2

The 3D point cloud model displayed has been decimated to under 1% of the full dataset to enable on-line viewing.


Technical Details

3D Capture Method 1: Aerial Lidar

3D Capture Description: FLI-MAP 400; an aerial LiDAR survey system, was initially designed to survey infrastructural assets such as roads, railways and electricity supply networks. The sensor system mounted beneath the main helicopter fuselage consists of: 

  • Three 150 kHz LiDAR sensors (7◦ forward, nadir and 7◦ aft);
  • Scanning angle 60◦
  • Accuracy (relative) Horizontal 5 cm, Vertical 3 cm
  • Multiple returns 4
  • Two RTK GPS receivers – provide accurate location in used in conjunction with RTK base stations;
  • Inertial Navigation System (INS)- continuously track the position, orientation, and velocity of the helicopter;
  • Digital imaging (11 megapixel) and digital video capture.

Resulting data sets include first return (DSM) and last return point (DTM, bare earth) models

Data Processing Software: ArcGIS & Geomagic Studio



3D Capture Method 2: Terrestrial laser scanning (TLS)

3D Capture Description: Phase based terrestrial laser scanning using a Faro Focus 120 laser scanner. The instrument quotes the following specification:

  • Distance accuracy up to ±2mm.
  • Range from 0.6m up to 120m.
  • Measurement rate up to 976,000 points/sec.
  • Intensity & RGB. Integrated colour camera.
  • Photorealistic 3D colour scans with up to 70 megapixels.
  • Parallax-free colour overlay.

Laser scans geo-referenced using RTK GPS with VRSnow corrections

Data Processing Software

Processing of point cloud data: Faro Scene & Pointools
Meshing of data: Geomagic Studio 2012
3D Modelling & Texturing: Autodesk Mudbox, Mari, 3D Studio Max






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