SMR No.: WI023-028001-

Monument Type: Church

Reefert Church is at the SE corner of the Upper Lake near Poulanass brook. Reefert Church (from Rígh Fearta 'the burial place of kings') has been extensively restored and consists of a nave and chancel with a simple chancel arch. The nave was lit by two round-headed windows in the S wall and the chancel by a similar window in the E gable. There is an aumbry in the E end of the S wall of the nave. The church was originally within a cashel (stone enclosure). Reefert Church is similar in plan to Trinity Church and probably dates to c. AD1100.  There are a number of decorated grave slabs and crosses around the church, many of which are fragmentary and some of which are built into the steps. There is a cross of shale near the south-east corner of the church. It has a cross with expanding terminals at the centre of the imperforated ringed head, and knots of interlace in the expanded terminals. 

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