Temple Melaghlin SMR No.: OF005-007001-

Monument Type: Church

Rectangular church built with coursed rubble limestone located to the SE of the Cathedral (OF005-004001-). Double single light E window with round arches surrounded by continuous moulding which belongs to c. AD1200 while the pointed two-centred doorway at the W end of the S wall is a late medieval insertion. Directly over the door there is the original hood moulding similar to the hood moulding over the doorway to the sacristy in the cathedral (OF005-004001-). Single light window in the E end of the S wall has a later medieval head inserted into an earlier 13th-century window indicated by the different stone dressing between the window jambs and its arch. Second storey or gallery at the W end, only indicated by the post holes for a wooden floor. The projecting corbels at the corners of the church served the same purpose as the antae on the earlier churches as roof supports.

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