DROMBEG INTRO SMR No.: CO143-051002-

Monument Type: Stone circle - multiple-stone

In pasture on natural rock terrace on S slope of low hill. Circle excavated 1957 (Fahy 1959, 1-27); and nearby fulacht fiadh (CO143-051002-) and hut site (CO143-051001-) in 1958 (Fahy 1960, 1-17). Circle consisted of seventeen stones; two missing and one fallen. Stones are 0.55m to 2.05m L, 0.2m to 0.65m T and 1.1m to 2.05m H. On upper surface of axial stone, largest stone in circle, are two shallow cup-marks, one surrounded by oval carving. Internal measurement along main axis, aligned NE-SW, is 9m. Five pits found within circle, sealed beneath compacted gravel floor; one pit contained deposit of cremated human bone, fragments of shale and numerous sherds of coarse fabric pot. Charcoal from burial yielded C14 determination of AD 600 ± 120 (D-62) which is 'clearly anomalous' (O Nualláin 1984a, 10). Other finds from circle included seven pieces of flint, including small convex scraper (O Nualláin 1984, 24. no. 37; Roberts 1988, Ch. 2, no. 5).

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